What do you desire sexually?

What do you desire sexually?


The truth is that humans are complex sexual beings. But what does that mean? It means that humans are made up of more than just sex and we naturally desire to share those other parts of ourselves with others. Maybe you’ve been able to experience both aspects of this—you’ve had a relationship that ended up all physical and another in which you felt like your partner really understood you.


According to John Paul II, author of the book, Theology of the Body, explained sex through an acronym SPICE—Spirituality, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, and Emotional. It is a way to learn more of who you are, understand your partner in another dimension, and grow as a human. Couples can actually grow together as they develop and discover more aspects of their sexuality. To begin, start by mapping out some of the things you really enjoy and placing them in categories.


Here is an example:


Things I like: Spiritual Physical Intellectual Creative Emotional
Reading x x x x
Hiking x x
Guitar x x x x
Cooking x x


What does your partner’s chart look like? What parts of your sexuality can you grow in? Maybe your partner has strengths that you may be weak in and vise versa. Relationships are healthy when each person knows who they are and are confident in that.