6 Reasons to NOT #GetTested for STDs

6 Reasons to NOT #GetTested for STDS


  1. I am not having any symptoms.

Most STDs do NOT have symptoms. However, that STD is still present and could have negative impact on your reproductive health if not treated.


  1. I want to become infertile.

According to the CDC, if you have an STD like Chlamydia or Gonorrhea you could become infertile, if left untreated. These STDs happen to be the two most common in the United States and are treatable. You could treat the problem before even having a symptom!


  1. I want my STD to cause a bigger problem for me.

Some STDs could lead to brain damage, cancer, or even result in death. Syphilis can affect the nervous system much like Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease. However, Syphilis can be cured and treated with medication


  1. It takes too much time to get tested.

Most places can do STD testing in an hour or less! Although finding out you could have an STD might be scary, it is worth knowing. You could be treated before you even have any symptoms.


  1. I haven’t actually had sex…

Unfortunately, there are many ways you can contract an STD. One of those ways is through mutual masturbation.



  1. It’s too expensive to be tested.

Actually, there are many places like Options Now that will only charge you for the lab fees, (the cost to send off your test and have it processed). These costs a relatively inexpensive. Also, most places will not test you for every STD, only those that you are at-risk for contracting.